KVM vs OpenVZ Which will be the better?

Nowadays peoples used to prefer host their websites or web application on VPS rather than shared hosting. But once we decided to purchase a VPS then, which virtualization will be better for performance? There are many virtualizations present like Hyper-V, XEN, VMWare but in this article, we are going to compare KVM vs. OpenVZ.

When we compare any two things, they may consist some Advantages and Disadvantages. Below we are going to share their point to point specific properties.


  • We can host both Linux Operating System as well as Windows Operating System.
  • We can allocate/update x number of RAM/DISK to a particular account.
  • Once we allocate x Number Ram to a particular user, then it will Dedicate only to that user.
  • It gives high performance to the hypervisor.
  • It gives the user their kernel.


  • We can only host Linux Operating System.
  • It consists Shared Kernel.
  • Once we allocate x number of RAM/DISK then remaining RAM/DISK will be free for others.
  • Its kernel is not customizable.
  • It is comfortable to host small web applications. It is not convenient to use for Heavy Applications.
  • The hosting provider can Over Sell.

Virtualization refers to the act of creating a virtual (rather than actual) version of something, including virtual computer hardware platforms, storage devices, and computer network resources.

KVM – Kernel-Based Virtual Machine.

OpenVZ – Operating System Level Virtualization.

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