Run The Best Marketing Campaign via BULK SMS!

Everyone is willing to grow their services and brand online. Struggling with so many tactics, ways, methods but even they don’t know are those methods, tactics are worth it? As per us, it’s answer is NO! Yeah, you read it correctly NO!


We will take a straightforward example Email Marketing. Email marketing is a great platform to get connected with your client and market your product efficiently. But now it’s not that much worth, every individual, affiliate marketers, business development team just spamming Emails 1000+ per day. As per present mentality; email lead conversation rate going day by day down. Because most of the peoples mark emails as SPAM and no one waste their time to read your spam emails.


Now the question is in your mind HOW TO DO MARKETING DIRECTLY?

We have one solution for you that is BULK SMS SERVICE. Yes, bulk SMS service is a highly reputed marketing service. Via this, you can directly get connected with your clients or your audience. If you have a correct database of contact numbers or category base contact numbers, then this job is simple for you, and it may become GAME CHANGER in your business.


How to avail the bulk SMS service? Is it expensive?

Bulk SMS service has two routes first is Promotional BULK SMS and second is  Transnational BULK SMS.

Promotional BULK SMS – This is the bulk SMS service via this you can do your business/service SMS marketing.

TRANSACTIONAL BULK SMS – This is the bulk SMS service via you can send an informative/alert message, subscription-based SMS.

The bulk SMS service is very reliable and easy to deploy your message to your targeted audience. It’s prepaid service you need to purchase credit via Credit Card/Debit Card even you can pay via PAYTM, UPI too. The process of payment is simple; when you get success in payment, automatically your credit will be credited to your bulk SMS panel. You need to do following steps,

  1. Select Sender ID ( Example – DM-GLOSTI)
  2. Import or manually enter contact numbers.
  3. Compose SMS.
  4. Launch the campaign.

It’s as simple as that.


The pricing for both routes are very affordable and you can check detailed pricing plans on our website


What’s the validity of BULK SMS CREDIT?

Every provider will give you 01 year of credit validity. It means that you can use whatever credit you have in your wallet for whole 365 DAYS.

Promotional Route SMS you can send between 09 AM – 09 PM and Transnational Route SMS you can send 24/7*.

You can also use Android application to send SMS, manage contacts, TopUp your account, create and view campaign and many more features.

You can also integrate SMS panel to your WooCommerce store so the order and other notification can be sent to your customers and you will also receive notification on order placed.

If you wish to try our services then CLICK HERE and sign-up to our SMS portal.

Hope the concept and all the doubt regarding bulk SMS service are cleared. If still, you are facing any problem then do consider to contact us.


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