Why should company use Bulk SMS?

Bulk SMS is now leading marketing tool. Startup businessman is driving tons of traffic to their website or getting 100+ calls/inquiry daily with the help of BULK SMS. Adopting the success curve high repeated companies engaging their clients and updating their existing clients with company news offer or news.

There are several dominating features of bulk SMS on that we need to focus on. In this article, we are going to discuss this, which are those key points.

5. Reasons To Choose Bulk SMS.

1.1. Reliability.
Your company promotional SMS is not going to deliver to the SPAM folder of your customer phone. There is nothing like Promotion, Update and Spam folder on the phone to separate SMS. The chances of getting direct contact with your customer’s increase.

1.2. Cost Effective.
You are spending $100+ per day on Facebook Advert, Google advert and engaging only 30-40% of peoples online. But in the bulk SMS service, nothing is like that, just boost your SMS over the knows contact numbers and engage your audience directly. The cost is very very affordable for both types of BULK SMS. To know more about that please read our previous article. CLICK HERE.

1.3. Sales Conversion Rate is High.
As we discussed earlier that bulk SMS service is very much reliable and the content that you broadcasted over the contact numbers that is directly visible to end user. If that person is interested in your business, then he/she will get directly connected with you.

1.4. Increase In Client Relationship.
Most of the businessman is busy to attract new customers for their business, but they don’t focus on existing clients. As a result, a customer relationship may create a problem in your business. But now you can manage the customer relationship with just clicking and broadcasting newsletter/update/offer of your company to your existing client. As a result, the client will get a feel of customer a prime relationship from your side.

1.5. Easy To Handle.

So many Bulk SMS providers will provide you a simple and easy bulk SMS panel to broadcast your promotional/transactional bulk SMS with just clicking some buttons. Hence it is easy – reliable – affordable marketing tool which may be dominating as a marketing tool in your particular business area.


1. Target.
Yes, this is the best feature of the bulk SMS marketing that can be drive and attract new customers. If you have category wise data of your business, then create a campaign and get connected with targeted people via BULK SMS.

2. Easy to grab attention.
Most of the people they don’t check their E-mail so that 60% of email marketing getting failed because they are not opened/read. But it is not in the aspect of BULK SMS. 70-80% of peoples they used to check their SMS inbox daily.

3. Regular/Schedule Updating Feature.
This is the best feature of the BULK SMS that you can schedule any message with Time or Date. If you are running any offer or going to launch any offer, then this feature will help you promote that particular thing at an appropriate time.

4. Tracking is Easy.
Bulk SMS provider will provide aa systematic panel to monitor your schedule campaign or running campaign with showing a proper graphical structure of your campaign.

5. Branding
If you are using the bulk sms on regular basis for promotion of your brand then it will create your brand image infront of your clients. Just regularly update them with running several campaigns for that you can use Schedule Messenging Feature.

If you still have any question within your mind. Feel free to contact us, we will be happy to assist you.

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  • Yeah, Bulk SMS is best medium for Marketing and Some of the features of bulk SMS services are they have a very high-open rate as compared to any other medium of digital marketing, it lets you capture the maximum customer base, it’s also the most cost-effective method of digital marketing.

  • Every company should need the bulk SMS service for their business promotion or passing the information to its customers because nowadays bulk SMS plays a vital role in every business. Its one of the cost-effective marketing technique to follow it.

  • Nice blog! Bulk SMS service is an economical and unique way to take the products and services at the doorstep. Thanks for sharing this information.