WordPress Hosting OR Shared Hosting – Which One To Choose?

If you are fresher in this field of Website Development, Website Designing or blogging then you inevitably get confused which hosting should I purchase? WordPress Hosting or Shared Hosting? Even I was also got confused with this QUESTION at one time. I suggest you take WordPress Managed Hosting which is far better than regular shared hosting. Why? I’ll explain you…

Every web hosting provider doesn’t provide Managed WordPress Hosting because they need to maintain proper security, performance, and some other things. So, they used to force you to take regular shared hosting which is WASTE OF MONEY if you want to develop your website on the WordPress platform with high security and performance.


If you want to know what are the priority reasons Why should you take WordPress Hosting? then read below…

1. Speed/Performance.
Mostly the setup of the Managed WordPress Hosting is on the Cloud Servers which are 2x powerful than standard virtual or dedicated servers. You will get smooth experience and minimum load time. Ultimately your website ranking may increase on Search Engines. If you want to also optimize your website performance with optimizing code, images then you can install a couple of plugins with configuration then your job will get DONE!

2. Absolute Security.
In the Managed WordPress Hosting provider scans full servers and in case if malicious file or code get detected, then it will get clean automatically. So, the chances of hacking or defacing of the website decrease then the normal shared hosting. Even some of the developer developed some of the best security plugins for the WordPress like WordFence. The install that plugin and your security will get increased by 200%.

3. Automatic Backup System
The best feature I like; WordPress Hosting + Security Suite has an automated backup system. If in case you lost your data while updating a theme or while doing some work then you can retrieve that in one click with this feature.

4. Some Other Features.

  •    Dedicated Resources –  You will get your independent resources like RAM, CPU…
  •    Dedicated Support –  Most of the web hosting providers have their separate/dedicated support staff for the Managed Services.
  •    Auto Scaling –  If the hardware of your web hosting got defected then you will be automatically moved to another server.

You can also check more features and plans of WordPress Hosting here.

If you still encounter any query or issue then feel free to contact us on [email protected] we will be very happy to assist you at any time. Have a nice day! Enjoy!

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